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Jean Cluysenaar

Orlando Furioso in The Louvre statue

Orlando Furioso in The Louvre statue

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Roland was the bravest and most loyal of the 12 legendary paladins, or knights, who served Charlemagne, king of the Franks*. Although Charlemagne was a historical figure, many fanciful tales about the king and his knights appeared during the Middle Ages. It was said that Roland stood 8 feet tall and carried a magical sword called Durindana (or Durendal) that had once belonged to the Trojan hero Hector. According to medieval stories, Roland (or Orlando) was the son of Charlemagne's sister. Living as a poor peasant in Italy, he was welcomed to the court of the king after his true identity was revealed. Although a powerful warrior, Roland's concern with winning honor and fame eventually cost him his life. Ganelon to negotiate with the Muslim leader. Instead, jealous of Roland, Ganelon plotted with the enemy and revealed the route Roland's army planned to take. The Muslims waited for Roland and ambushed him at Roncesvalles in the Pyrenees Mountains. The paladins had told Roland to blow his ivory horn to summon reinforcements from Charlemagne, but Roland refused to call for help until the battle was almost lost. By then it was too late. When Charlemagne's troops arrived, Roland and many of the bravest paladins were dead. At the end of the story, Charlemagne had Ganelon killed for his treachery The expressive power of the Roland, whose destructive fury was hampered, impressed the public 1831. Betrayed furniture in his love for the princess Angelica, the paladin expresses his despair with unprecedented violence, any romantic. However, Duseigneur honors her knight worthy of heroic nudity of classical sculpture. Duseigneur young sculptor, 23, caused a sensation at the 1831 Salon by presenting the plaster model of Roland furious.

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Creating reproductions of sculptures requires great skill and attention to detail. Regardless of whether we use 3D printing technology or traditional casting methods, our goal is always the same: to create a high-quality replica of the original sculpture that accurately reflects the artist's vision. With the use of environmentally friendly materials and an emphasis on manual work, we ensure that our reproductions are of the highest quality.

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