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Guanyin statue

Guanyin statue

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This graceful and serene sculpture depicts Guanyin, one of the most popular of all Bodhisattvas, whose name literally means 'the one who always hears sounds'. Known in China as 'the compassionate Bodhisattva', who listens to every prayer, Guanyin was often placed behind the main Buddha image in a temple. This figure was almost certainly made for a temple in Shaanxi province in northern China. Guanyin's altar surround probably took the form of a rocky grotto related to the throne of rocks he sits on. The fine carving and beautiful surface decoration lend the image its power, while the layers of pigment reveal interesting scientific and historical detail. This carved wooden sculpture of Guanyin sits in the posture of Royal Ease on a rocky throne. The faintly feminine features are finely carved and the body corresponds to a typical Chinese body type, long in torso and short in the leg, having small, broad feet with high arches and plump hands with tapering fingers. He is invested with the fine garb of his princely status as a Bodhisattva: he wears a dhoti (a type of sarong), which is folded over at the waist and tied with a sash to form a double skirt, falling in a series of graceful folds to the feet. The Brahmanic cord is tied around his body, and a long scarf is draped over the left shoulder. On his head is the five-pointed crown, round his neck the necklace with the vajra symbol, on his arms armlets and bracelets, he has earrings in his pendant lobes and a crystal is embedded in the urna in the centre of his forehead. On his left ankle, an anklet may just be glimpsed. His hair is elaborately modelled in a high chignon, while his crown has a standing figure of the Buddha Amitabha. The figure is made of blocks of wood, jointed together. The wood has come from a Paulownia species, the 'Foxglove Tree'.

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Sculpture reproductions are a popular way of making art more accessible. We use several methods to create reproduction sculptures, each with its unique process.

  • Creation of plastic sculptures:

To create a plastic sculpture reproduction, we use 3D printing technology. The first step is to print a plastic version of the original sculpture using a 3D printer. After 3D printing, we process the plastic sculpture by hand, which includes sanding, smoothing, filling any gaps or imperfections, and covering the sculptures with a special material to ensure durability for outdoor use. Our goal is to create a high-quality replica that faithfully reproduces the original sculpture. Once the plastic sculpture has been sanded and smoothed, we paint it by hand using high-quality paint in plaster, marble, bronze, and other colors to achieve a durable finish.

  • Creating impressions:

Many reproductions are created using environmentally friendly materials such as marble, plaster, and bronze. These materials are used to create high-quality replicas that look and feel like the original sculpture. The process of creating a casting involves making a mold of the original sculpture and then pouring the chosen material into the mold. This process requires a lot of manual work to keep the shape accurate and without air bubbles.

After the material has hardened, we remove the mold and clean and finish the reproduction by hand. This process ensures that each sculpture is a high-quality copy of the original sculpture.

Creating reproductions of sculptures requires great skill and attention to detail. Regardless of whether we use 3D printing technology or traditional casting methods, our goal is always the same: to create a high-quality replica of the original sculpture that accurately reflects the artist's vision. With the use of environmentally friendly materials and an emphasis on manual work, we ensure that our reproductions are of the highest quality.

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