About us

At our company, we strongly believe that everyone should be able to bring home a piece of history's most beautiful and inspiring monuments, in scale and detail of unparalleled magnificence.

The process of creating the head of David on a 3D printerWe strive to create the most accurate, highest quality and largest scale models available anywhere in the world. With an ever-growing catalog of models, you can be sure to find something interesting in our store, now or for sure in the future.
All of our models are designed and manufactured in-house by our experts and 3D printed using the highest quality materials. Through rigorous testing and quality control, you can be sure you're getting a beautiful piece of art for your home.

So, about our technologies. First, the 3D model is finalized and cut into parts of the future sculpture. Next comes the printing and gluing of the shell. We use high-strength concrete, improved by adding special additives. Finishing with proven primers and facade paints prepares the sculpture for all adverse factors when used outdoors. Then comes the decorative coloring.

We can make figures that can entirely change the room's ambiance, and atmosphere.

This figure collection can be considered a classic figure and modern figure decor and contributes a lot to your home decoration.

These handmade figures offer perfect home decoration for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, bar, sunroom, man cave, family room, garage, working space, cubicle office, study, library, nursery, cafe, or restaurant.


Our mission is to make your life easier!  Everything we do is aimed at helping you achieve your aims as professionally, cost-effectively, simply and as stress-free as possible.   

Our friendly and professional team of managers, arts, 3d modelers and events logistics are always available to advise and support whatever you need!  Keep in touch.

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